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Burrow elevated Hartford Healthcare’s brand reputation by implementing risk mitigation strategies and elevating their patience experience.  

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Mitigate Risks & Safeguard Reputation with Rapid Response.


Extend Your Service Team for Exceptional Customer Support, Anytime.


Amplify Your Social Team, Dominate the Digital Landscape.


Hartford HealthCare, serves a vast network in United States east coast with over 37,000 staff and is a paradigm of healthcare excellence and innovation. Its expansive system includes tertiary-level teaching hospitals, an acute-care community teaching hospital, a trauma center, behavioural,  physical therapy and rehabilitation health network. Hartford HealthCare is dedicated to advancing health services through access, affordability, equity, and excellence, impacting over 23,000 lives daily.

Social Media Monitoring Position

Hartford HealthCare’s use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exemplifies its mission to improve health and promote personalised care. Each online interaction reflects their commitment to excellence and coordinated quality care, aligning with their vision of being a trusted leader in healthcare, while actively engaging and educating the community in Connecticut and beyond.


A challenge for Hartford Healthcare is to effectively manage their online reputation and address potential issues promptly. As a prominent medical institution, they receive a high volume of online feedback, comments, and enquiries from patients, community members, and other stakeholders. Monitoring these conversations across various social media platforms real-time can be challenging and time-consuming.

The Burrow Objective

Identify risk and manage crisis whilst enhancing patient satisfaction & build strong sense of community.

Services Provided

Round-the-clock monitoring 

Moderating and escalating critical issues 

Daily reports with activity summaries

Interactions tagged for enhanced reporting

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Prompt moderation of high risks posts and the implementation of risk mitigation strategies safeguarded Hartford Healthcare’s online reputation.


Elevated patient satisfaction by escalating critical enquiries to HartFord Healthcare’s social team.  


Greater level of patient and community insight with timely reporting summaries delivered throughout the day 


Seamless integration with the Burrow elevated social team capabilities and efforts. 

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