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What you can expect with burrow


Mitigate Risks & Safeguard Reputation with Rapid Response.


Extend Your Service Team for Exceptional Customer Support, Anytime.


Amplify Your Social Team, Dominate the Digital Landscape.

A human-led social media monitoring solution

Partner with our highly experienced team of Australian-based community managers for a human-led social media monitoring solution. We offer round-the-clock coverage. 

Our services encompass reputation management, swift crisis response, and fostering positive community engagement. 

We understand what matters


Prioritise transparency

By actively monitoring social media platforms to gain insights into public sentiment, concerns, and feedback. This allows for open dialogue and fosters trust between government bodies and its citizens.


Identify and respond to potential crises or emergencies

By monitoring social media platforms, governments can quickly detect and address misinformation, coordinate responses, and provide accurate updates to ensure public safety.


Engage with online communities with a Australian-based community managers

Interact with citizens through social conversations and interactive forums, enable swift response times and direct to key resources and support outlets.

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How we do it

We begin by understanding your institution’s unique needs and develop customised solutions that address key areas such as inclusivity, crisis management. With a focus on collaboration and communication, we work closely with your team to align our efforts with your social media policy, brand values, and overall communication strategy.

We implement robust best practice risk mitigation strategies and take a data-driven approach to ensure optimal efficacy. To foster a vibrant and connected online community, we take a human-led approach upskilling our team of community managers on moderation guidelines and engagement practices tailored to your specific needs.

Partner with Burrow, your trusted ally, to unlock a multitude of benefits including maintaining public trust, fostering an engaged online community presence, and gaining peace of mind through our best-in-class risk mitigation strategy. With our round-the-clock Australian-based team, we ensure seamless operations and deliver exceptional results.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our solutions to meet your institution’s specific needs and goals. 

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