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Burrow is the leading provider of best-in-class social media monitoring and community management services in Australia, offering round-the-clock monitoring, rapid response times, and seamless integration with your social media team.

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24/7 Social Media Monitoring and Community Management Services

Our dedicated team of Australian-based community managers work round-the-clock to
safeguard your brand’s reputation and nurture meaningful connections with
your audience.

Perfect for risk mitigation

Mitigate online risk

Proactively identify and address potential risks, protect your brand from negative sentiment, and maintain a positive online environment.

customer service capabilities

Extend customer service capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with your existing customer service team to provide exceptional support, address customer inquiries, and create memorable experiences.

extending your social team

Extend your community management team

Amplify your brand’s reach, and ensures dominance in the digital landscape with our proactive monitoring of media outlets, proactive engagement and data-driven tactics to elevate your existing social media strategy.

Mitigate risk with accurate responses, swift escalations, and valuable insights

We empower your brand’s online presence by using cutting edge technology to safeguard your reputation, extend your service team for exceptional customer support, and position your brand as an industry leader.

With our dedicated local community managers, and Sydney-based command centre, trust us as your reliable partner to elevate your brand’s digital impact and deliver quality social media community management. 

Increase brand advocacy with media monitoring and deep sentiment analysis

When partnering with Burrow, our proactive media monitoring keeps you ahead of the competition, enabling you to leverage the latest trends, sentiment and conversations surrounding your brand.

By swiftly addressing mentions, reviews, and discussions, we ensure a positive brand reputation and strong customer relationships. So you gain not only expert support but also the tools and strategies to amplify your social team’s capabilities and dominate the digital landscape.


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