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At Burrow, we recognise the unique challenges faced by the mining sector in maintaining a positive online presence while managing risk, building stakeholder relationships, and safeguarding public perception. Our best-in-class social media community management services are designed specifically to address these concerns.

With our expertise in risk mitigation, crisis management, and community relations management, we offer a comprehensive solution to elevate your mining brand’s digital impact. 

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Risk and Crisis Management

The mining industry operates in a complex landscape with potential risks to reputation and safety. Our dedicated team of locally based community managers ensures rapid response to any online risks. With our swift response times, we detect and address posts that may harm your brand, empowering you to protect and control your reputation effectively.


Public Perception and Brand Management

We work round the clock to monitor media outlets, address mentions, reviews, and discussions related to your brand. By proactively engaging with your audience and employing data-driven tactics, we amplify your brand's reach and establish a positive brand reputation online.


Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

Social media monitoring provides valuable insights into community sentiment, concerns of stakeholders such as environmental groups, investors, and regulatory bodies. By leveraging these insights, mining companies can engage in effective communication, address community needs, establish positive relationships, and contribute to sustainable development.

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How we do it

Our approach is centered on combining industry-leading technology, expertise, and a deep understanding of the mining sector’s unique requirements. We tailor our strategies to align with your brand’s values, goals, and challenges.

By leveraging our 24/7 monitoring capabilities, risk mitigation strategies, and proactive engagement, we position your mining brand as a true industry leader in the digital landscape.

Ready to transform your mining brand’s online engagement and solidify your position as an industry leader? Partner with Burrow today and experience the unrivalled benefits of our best-in-class social media community management services.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our solutions to meet your institution’s specific needs and goals.

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