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Stockland seamlessly integrated with Burrow to extend their customer support capabilities and cultivate community connections.

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Mitigate Risks & Safeguard Reputation with Rapid Response.


Extend Your Service Team for Exceptional Customer Support, Anytime.


Amplify Your Social Team, Dominate the Digital Landscape.


Stockland, a renowned Australian property group, partnered with Burrow to extend their social media presence and elevate their customer experience. Stockland focuses on residential and retail property development, management, and investment. With a history dating back to 1952, Stockland has become one of the largest property groups in Australia, known for creating vibrant residential communities, retirement villages, and retail centres.

Social Media Monitoring Position

Stockland maintains accessible and active presence on social media popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  They are dedicated to fostering community connections, safeguarding brand reputation and elevating the customer experience across both residential and retail communities with prompt responses, regular updates on projects, community initiatives and events.


One challenge Stockland faces is maintaining a positive community experience while managing a high volume of customer enquiries across a diverse range of social media platforms, 7 days a week. They sought a partner capable of mitigating risks, safeguarding their brand reputation and delivering exceptional customer support, even during weekends. 

Burrow Objective

Balancing maintaining high customer satisfaction while cultivating a thriving community.

Services Provided

Curated responses with rapid response times

Moderating high-risk and critical issues

Daily reports with activity summaries

Tagging interactions to elevate insights

Monitoring both retail and residential communities

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Greater level of community insights with tagged responses and interactions.


Prompt action of high risks posts and risk mitigation strategies safeguarded Stockland’s online reputation, fostering a positive brand image.


The seamless integration with Burrow’s afterhours and weekend team elevated CSAT resulting in improved customer experiences.


Centralised community management of both retail and residential communities. 

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